THE               ROAD


Ryokuro (ree-oh-koo-roh) is a green road.

A beautiful, vibrant path to something even more so.

Both a journey and a destination.


House Ryokuro is the design work of Alex Ryan Rhoades, who’d like to make everything — your business cards, your flyers, your wedding programs, even your website — more beautiful and vibrant.


Alex Ryan Rhoades proudly makes his home in Kansas City and has lived there most of his 33 years.


Aside from his passion for design, he is steeped in all aspects of "geek" culture, from movies and television, comic books and video games, to even music and sports.


He is a loyal though impatient Chiefs fan, an ardent Missouri Tigers devotee, and an absolutely elated Royals enthusiast.


His favorite color might just be green. Maybe.